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About Us

Wild SF Gardening is a Nature in the City initiative which provides gardening services for your home. We create and maintain climate stabilizing, habitat supporting gardens that support San Francisco’s biodiversity goals. Nature in the City is a fiscal sponsee of Earth Island Institute, a 501c3 nonprofit. 

AMBER hasselbring

Amber is the founder of Wild SF Gardening - she's devoted to wildlife gardening and has extensive experience with local biodiversity and native and wildlife-attracting plants. When not in the garden, Amber serves as the Executive Director of Nature in the City, a non-profit whose mission is to inspire San Francisco to discover nature.


Cat Ganson has worked in a variety of fields and, since joining Wild SF Gardening, has decided that working with plants is the one job that gives him the most enjoyment and satisfaction. He brings a detailed eye and strong aesthetic sensibility to every project.