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Habitat Gardening Since 2006

Why Native Plants?

Wildlife is critical to ecology and human health. Native plants provide unmatched habitat value because native flora and fauna have co-evolved with insects, birds and other wildlife for thousands of years.

Habitat gardening attracts and supports wildlife by providing food, shelter, water and nesting sites. Gardening in this way reflects a more natural, less formal feeling and offers great variety in plant choices.

Native plant benefits: 

Wildlife: Be awed every day by the beauty of birds, bees, butterflies and other wildlife making your garden their home.

Save water: Once established, many native plants need minimal hand watering or irrigation beyond normal rainfall.

Low maintenance: Low maintenance landscapes are a natural fit with native plants that are already adapted to the local environment. Look forward to less water, fertilizer, pruning, and no pesticides.

No poisons: Native plants have developed their own defenses against pests and diseases. Since most pesticides kill indiscriminately, beneficial insects become secondary targets and are needlessly killed. Reducing or eliminating pesticide allows for natural pest control and keeps garden toxins out of our creeks and watersheds.

Support local ecology: As development replaces natural habitats, planting gardens, parks, and roadsides with California natives provide a bridge to nearby remaining wild lands. 

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