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Wildlife Gardening for You

We create & maintain climate stabilizing, habitat gardens alive with butterflies and songbirds. Whether your space is small or large, and whether you’ve got a green thumb or not, our experts will help establish a garden that is just right for you, the wildlife, and your budget.

Design & installation: From overgrown and weedy to textural, beautiful wildlife gardens, our team of gardeners and licensed professional partners will work with you to install exactly what your garden needs.

Additions: If you want something new in a garden you already love, we can enhance your space with native plants sourced from local nurseries that are just right for your aesthetic and micro-climate.

Water needs: Let's conserve water, and save money with climate adapted plants. Our team will also work with irrigation specialists to help install irrigation systems (if needed), and other water features including ponds and fountains.

Indoors: We are happy to assess your indoor plants and their water, soil, & sunlight needs.

Living walls: Outdoor vertical gardens can be excellent habitats. We will work with landscape contractors to install living walls, and our gardeners will maintain them by replacing plants as needed and making irrigation adjustments.

Maintenance: Monthly to quarterly maintenance includes weeding, light pruning, planting, hand watering, and soil amendment. 

Nature in the City/Wild SF Gardening is a non-profit organization working to inspire San Francisco to discover local nature, and all profit earned from these services are invested in our public projects.